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Top 10 Best HTML5 Sites of 2017 Worldwide

Hi viewer today I share with you Best HTML5 Sites in the world. We analyzed that there are many people searching site by this word Best HTML5 Sites. People can easily find latest 10 Best Best HTML5 Sites if they view this post. 


We collect this website list from our top-sitelist research. Each Best HTML5 Sites is listed comparing Google page rank, Alexa Global Traffic Rank, Quantcast rank and U.S. Traffic Rank. Brows and enjoy Best HTML5 Sites.


wildernessdowntown 1 |The Wilderness Downtown : alexa-374,960| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive music video for Arcade Fire’s song ”We Used to Wait”.
heartoftheartic 2 |Heart of The Artic : alexa-77,145| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a This site perfectly showcases how Html5 can be used to create fun and educational websites.
3dreamsofblack 3 |Three Dreams of Black : alexa-308,580| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a 3 Dreams of Black uses HTML5 to promote Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album Rome.
enjoyyourprivacy 4 |Enjoy Your Privacy : alexa-2,808,641| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a The website was created to warn consumers about the dangers of not using password protection on their mobile devices.
googlemusictour 5 |Google Play Music Tour : alexa-N/a| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a Google here uses Html5 to showcase the many features of its Google Play streaming music service.
soulreaper 6 |Soul Reaper : alexa-6,646,159| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a A scroll activated digital comic book developed by Saizen Media uses HTML5 to breathe some new live into the presentation of graphic stories.
theexpressiveweb 7 |The Expressive Web : alexa-4,265,434| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a Adobe created the Expressive Web website to highlight the functionality and creative potential offered through the use of HTML5 and CSS3.
artofstars 8 |Art of Stars : alexa-6,699,470| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a Art of the Stars uses your IP address to draw a picture of the Star constellation directly above you.
thisshell 9 |This Shell : alexa-6,062,288| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a Quantcast:N/a The website presents fans with a video puzzle that if solved, before the music ends, allows them access to a free mp3 download of the song.
lostworldsfair 10 |Lost Worlds Fair : alexa-1,536,505| Compete-N/A | Quantcast:N/a The Lost World’s Fair site was developed to showcase the HTML5 capabilities inherent in IE9 by creating interactive posters that take users on a journey to three fabled locales.


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