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15 Most Popular Top Video Websites of 2016

15 Most Popular Top Video Websites of 2016. Hi viewers today I share with you top 15 video website lists from our top-sitelist research. Each website is listed according to compare Google page rank, Alexa  Rank, Quantcast rank and U.S. Traffic Rank .

This video sites you can watching videos such as top 10 songs, top 10 music etc. You can also upload video there and share your video anywhere. Sort video clip you can Easily watch here . Easily you can videosearch here.

Top Video Websites:

1  youtube YouTube: Compete Rank-4 , Quantcast Rank-2  , Alexa Rank-3 , Unique Monthly Visitors –1,000,000,000  
2  netflix NetFlix: Compete Rank-24 , Quantcast Rank-166 , Alexa Rank-95 , Unique Monthly Visitors –150,000,000
3  vimeo Vimeo: Compete Rank-148 , Quantcast Rank-44  , Alexa Rank-98 , Unique Monthly Visitors –130,000,000
4  yahoo Yahoo! Screen: Compete Rank- *105* , Quantcast Rank-*110*, Alexa Rank-N/A , Unique Monthly Visitors –125,000,000
5  dailymotion DailyMotion: Compete Rank- 156, Quantcast Rank-*NA*, Alexa Rank-94, Unique Monthly Visitors –100,000,000
6  hulu Hulu: Compete Rank-136, Quantcast Rank-179, Alexa Rank-306, Unique Monthly Visitors –75,000,000
7  vube Vube: Compete Rank-117, Quantcast Rank-*860*, Alexa Rank-65, Unique Monthly Visitors-55,000,000
8  twitch Twitch: Compete Rank-710, Quantcast Rank-295, Alexa Rank-266, Unique Monthly Visitors-50,000,000
9  liveleak LiveLeak: Compete Rank-537, Quantcast Rank-235, Alexa Rank-642, Unique Monthly Visitors-45,000,000
10  vine Vine: Compete Rank-237, Quantcast Rank-335, Alexa Rank-1,172, Unique Monthly Visitors-42,000,000
11  ustream UStream: Compete Rank-1,109, Quantcast Rank-*85*, Alexa Rank-854, Unique Monthly Visitors-25,000,000
12  break Break: Compete Rank-1,104, Quantcast Rank-60, Alexa Rank-1,489, Unique Monthly Visitors-14,000,000
13  tv TV: Compete Rank-124, Quantcast Rank-787, Alexa Rank-1,749, Unique Monthly Visitors-1,749
14  metacafe MetaCafe: Compete Rank-1,028, Quantcast Rank-461, Alexa Rank-1,477, Unique Monthly Visitors-12,500,000
15  viewster Viewster: Compete Rank-150, Quantcast Rank-300, Alexa Rank-3,779, Unique Monthly Visitors-12,000,000

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